Bonus material [4 bonus tracks]: Beyoncé - Lay up under me + Dance for you

Beyoncé - Lay up under me + Dance for you | Bonus tracks

Here we have the bonus tracks which feature on the Deluxe edition of Beyonce's 4lop. I decided to separate these from "Schoolin' life", because that shit is so damn good it needed to be highlighted in its own post. All of the bonus tracks feel like odes to an era in time and fit the album nicely.

It's a shame they weren't slotted into the tracklist. I always hate when bonus tracks just get thrown at the end of an album in the deluxe edition instead of placed within the album. Robin Thicke's Sex therapy was one of the few albums where the deluxe edition had it's additional tracks slotted into the album and not just thrown at the end of it.

Listen: Lay up under me

Listen: Dance for you

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"Lay up under me" is a cover of none other than Sean Garrett. The songwriter turned wannabe-singer-rapper who rose to popularity and prominence through his work with Beyonce. Penning hits for her such as "Check on it", "Upgrade U" and Destiny's Child's "Lose my breath" and "Soldier". He released his debut album Turbo 919 3 years ago, and the Stargate produced "Lay up under me" featured on it. Both versions of the song are clearly influenced from the king of Pop that is Michael Jackson. But whereby Sean Garrett's version tapped into the laid back R&B side of MJ, Beyoncé's taps into the funky Off the wall side of the Jheri curled king. I dig what Beyoncé did with her cover because it fits in with the sonical scheme of her album and it sounds really nice. I can't wait to see those credits for the song in that album inlay. Because I just know Beyoncé is going to be listed as a writer of the song, purely for switching the gender of it.

"Dance for you" sounds like a Basic instinct left over. I'm waiting for Ciara to tweet out the side of her mouth about how the song was her's. It probably was. The production is nice, but the song is just boring and not the slightest bit sexy. Only when things slow down right at the very end and Beyoncé keeps her vocal contributions to layered croons does the song get seriously hot. But by this point, the song is already fading out.


  1. DANCE for you was produced by MY friend THE DREAM for ME princess super ciara! You niggas should know that! I was going for them wigs on my demo for that song, BANG BANG! i love B but u know she never lets other bitches get those songs...


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