Music video: Nicola Roberts - Beat of my drum

This video's an odd one. It is a crap video. It could have been a heck of a lot better. But there was something likable about how basic this shit was. Nicola cannot dance to save Cheryl's stint on The X-Factor, but there was something endearing about how nervous and awkward she looked throughout the whole thing. God help her when it comes to performing this song live though. She won't be able to captivate a soul unless she's able to turn it out with the moves and pop that pussy so fast it rinses the ginger right out of her hair.

Nicola's style in this video was hot, and the chick has got some legs on her. She's quickly emerging as the most fashion forward member of Girls aloud. Just watch how this girl dominates fashion magazines and ends up with a line of dresses for Topshop by the end of the year.


  1. She can't dance or sing, this video is shit, and the the song is annoying. Good luck with a solo career.

  2. I want THIS Nicola right here ----------------->

  3. Sorry J - I agree with Melvin R (apart from the 'can't sing' part). Can't see the appeal in this at all. But good luck to Nicole - I remember her sticking out to me during the Popstars auditions so I hope she does well enough to not have a black cloud over her like Nadine sadly does.


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