The ginger one does a little dance

So it seems that the ginger chick that everybody pointed at and laughed for years as a part of Girls aloud is set to takes some names with a new solo single and album over the Summer. Peeps a teaser of the music video, showing Nicola dancing with about as much life as Britney Spears, but showing some serious leg. Some seriously white leg.

Is this ginger one about to turn shit out with this single? Because I can see this being a hit. Not only does it sound like the kind of joint you would expect Girls aloud to do. But it's not what you'd expect Nicola to drop on her lonesome. So this could go in her favour.

Expect Nicola to hit up The X Factor this year to perform this and make Cheryl Cole look an even more talentless tramp with no musical ability. I'm rooting for this ginger ho to put the smack down and show her and Nadine how you roll out a pop gem of an album. Because as far as I'm concerned, both of those chicks failed. The only consistent thread with their albums was that they were awful.

Diplo is about to make a name for himself in the world of mainstream pop on both sides of the Atlantic between Beyoncé and Nicola's singles doing the rounds. Dude will finally be seeing that money that and those big name production gigs that none of M.I.A's releases were able to bring him. I'm awaiting news that Christina Aguilera wants him and Switch back into the fold for her new album.


  1. Well, Nicola has never been one to show too much emotion. But she's dancing far more than Britney has been, and the song sounds absolutely amazing.

    I love Cheryl, I really do, but Messy Little Raindrops was pretty damn mediocre. There were some pretty good songs on there ("Amnesia" and "Yeah Yeah" specifically), but songs like "Raindrops" and "Better To Lie" just completely ruined the album. And as far as Nuhdeen is concerned, she's just a bitch with an overrated voice. Nicola's a better singer.

  2. "[Nadine is] just a bitch with an overrated voice. Nicola's a better singer."

    No she isn't. Nadine is the only member of Girls Aloud who can actually sing. She was pretty much the voice of Girls Aloud.

  3. Personally, I don't think her voice is all that great. I think that Nicola is a better singer, and she's actually a nice person to boot. Nadine has a nice voice (not a great voice), but her diva personality completely wrecks it.


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