Music video: MiChi - One

MiChi tweeted this song out a month back to a unanimously positive reception. So she'll now be releasing it officially. Although I'm wondering why she's bothering. It's not like Sony will do anything to promote this song. MiChi gets done as bad as Crystal Kay. And dare I say it, MiChi has been releasing much better songs with more widespread appeal than Crystal has over the past couple of years too.  "All about the girls ~Iijanka party people~" was pop perfection, but that song did not do a damn thing on the charts but slide down it. And the budget for the music video wouldn't have been enough to buy a Suntory Iced tea from a Japanese vending machine.

As you can the song has itself an all new video, which shares the feel and vibe of the original - with the obvious difference being that MiChi features in it this time around. Some of you may also have noted that some changes have been made to the song itself. Some new arrangement here and there and also the song being taken down a key. I still love this song, but I prefer the original version. I loved how high and breathless MiChi's vocals sounded.

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  1. I'm kind of on the fence with this song! It's very uplifting, I know that much. The video did nothing for the song though. I like MiChi, but It takes me a while to warm up to her songs. When I first listened to UP TO YOU I absolutely hated it.(same with LOVE is) Then I listened to Something Missing, and it was absolute crack, so I gave the album a second listen, keeping in mind that her style differs from the other jpop hoes in the game. It's unique and borrows from the 90s and 80s. Now MiChi is up there as one of my favorite Jpop artists. Love is and Something Missing get played to death.


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