Girls' generation holla for their "Mr. Taxi" on Hey! Hey! Hey!

Girls' generation / SNSD / Shoujo jidai - Mr. Taxi @ Hey!x3 | Live performance

The SNSD-bots hit up Hey! Hey! Hey! where they performed their ho anthem "Mr. Taxi". I can't stand this song. But how hot Taeyeon looks and Sunny selling the hell out of her four words during the chorus keep me coming back to this song each and every time.

The moves were looking good and the girls were looking hot, if a serially underfed. But they mimed. These bitches are slipping now that they're not in Korea - the land of live vocals, whilst dancing and putting serious demands on your physicality.

I cannot believe SM entertainment didn't have these girls work "You-aholic" as a single. The song is everything.


  1. It's not so much "miming" as it is "singing over their own voices"


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