Daft Punk tease a preview of the music video for "Lose yourself to dance". It's all you gon' see until the end of time.

Namie teams up with Vogue Japan and Gucci and debuts her new song "Ballerina". Mass scalping ensues.

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VMA 2013: A shady run down of events, in tweets

VMA 2013: The performances

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Hikaru Utada's mother passes away. The wig snatching legacy lives on.

Music video: Annie - Back together

Perfume perform underneath a wind turbine. Send wigs blowing all the way to some miscellaneous prefecture.

Music video: Lady Gaga - Applause

Music video: Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline

Perfume perform in maid outfits for Disney and showcase actual singing ability

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Random J's 'translation' vol. 3: Namie Amuro reunites with the Super monkey's and puts bitches in their place

Beyoncé cuts off all of her weave. Weave manufacturers' stocks plummet.

Music video: 2NE1 shoot a video on an iPhone and act ratchet at home in "Do you love me"

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Perfume debut their new song "Party maker", whilst getting pissed on in the TV commercial

Music video: Jasmine snatches a suicidal high school wig with "Hero"

The original sugababes (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan) perform their first live set together. Throw Heidi, Amelle and Jade's careers into the Thames.