Music video: Shishido Kavka - Love corrida

Praise be to Shishido Kavka for giving me a tight as hell J-Pop / J-Rock jam. This is the type of crack I've been wanting from MiChi for the past year, but she's too comfortable hosting her radio show and posting pictures of flowers on Instagram to be caring about putting out new music at the rate I want / need her to. In all honesty, our relationship had hit the rocks the second I saw the track list for Therapy and saw the omission of "All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~". But enough about MiChi. Let's talk about this fly ho right here. Working wigs, Kashiyuka hair, Chiaki Kuriyama bitch face and giving us Run DMC "Walk this way" done glossy and J-stylee.

"Love corrida" is Shishido's second digital single and official lead single from her upcoming album Kavkanize which will be released on September 4th. The limited edition cover of her album features a crow in a wig. I'm sold. *throws money at CD Japan*


  1. Yes to the wigs, yes to the Kashiyuka realness, yes to the drum solo: SOLD! The only thing I kind of don't like, but can deal with is that one "No No No No" part on the chorus. It reminds me of a Ke$ha song for some reason. Also, this pv was kick ass. Very polished lead single.

  2. nice use of the cowbell...

    needs more cowbell...

  3. I'm stanning for Kavka since the first single, Aisuru Kakugo.
    Music, videos, covers... everything is always so on point with her.
    She's talented, beautiful and has charisma. Therefore she'll probably flop 'cause, as we all know, Japan is not here for real talent.

    P.S. Don't be so harsh with MiChi. Homegirl has a (physical) single and an ALBUM coming out in the next months. Plus, she's released two digital singles this year.

    P.P.S. All my flop gals are coming after your faves' wigs this fall. Kavka, MiChi, MADEMOISELLE YULIA. Now I need ICONIQ, mini, Meisa Kuroki and CK to come back too.


  5. Thank you J for always giving me new music! You are the reason I love Perfume (the term "Robohoes" got me) and now this?!!! ♥♥♥


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