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Janelle Monáe - The electric lady | Random J Pop

Janelle's second full length studio album The electric lady makes other chicks' creativity look stale, lazy and dead in waters and this is all before we've even heard the album!

The artwork above was painted by illustrator Sam Spratt and is the regular edition artwork for the album. Can I get three cheers for Janelle opting to have a painted album cover, when she could have just gone the photographic route? It would have been a heck of a lot easier and cheaper.

You can read all about the processes Sam went through here to create this artwork for Janelle, along with the different ideas which were dropped and refined before settling on what we'll see in stores from September 10th. His article also features a video which contains an instrumental piece of music which I sure as hell hope is from a song on the album.

Peep the full tracklisting for the The electric lady is after the jump.

  1. Suite IV: Electric overture
  2. Givin em what they love featuring Prince
  3. Q.U.E.E.N. featuring Erykah Badu
  4. Electric lady featuring Solange
  5. Good morning midnight (Interlude)
  6. PrimeTime featuring Miguel
  7. We were rock and roll
  8. The chrome shoppe (Interlude)
  9. Dance apocalyptic
  10. Look into my eyes
  11. Suite V: Electric overture
  12. It's code
  13. Ghetto woman
  14. Our favorite fugitive (Interlude)
  15. Victory
  16. Can't live without your love
  17. Sally ride
  18. Dorothy Dandridge eyes featuring Esperanza Spalding
  19. What an experience

A limited edition will retail exclusively at Target, featuring 2 discs with the suites split across them and an additional 4 bonus tracks. It will also come with a completely different cover art, also painted by THE BOWSS that is Sam Spratt.

Janelle Monáe - The electric lady | Random J Pop

The Target cover is bad ass. I prefer it to the original. This is what I'mm use for the album art on my iPod. Fuck dem 60's wigs.

Preferences aside, we can all agree that both covers are retro sexy and creative. I'm loving the 70's vinyl sleeve throwback and that Janelle came different from the standard 'lemme stand here and pose with dis weave with a wind machine blowing muh tracks seductively in my face' shit we usually get popular females in music nowadays.

In anticipation of this album, I've started played The ArchAndroid again. Still mad that Janelle didn't release "Faster" as a single.

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