Namie teams up with Vogue Japan and Gucci and debuts her new song "Ballerina". Mass scalping ensues.

Namie had already silenced a fair few by doing the one thing nobody said she would be able to: Top the first week sales of her 10th studio album Uncontrolled. But now she is just playing with hoes for fun, with the emergence of a new song and a collaboration of proportions that chicks don't get unless they are in the big league.

Namie's brand new song "Ballerina"  features in a special collaboration between herself, Vogue Japan and Gucci. When Namie does collabo's, bitch gets serious budgets. NEVER FORGET dat 60s 70s 80s promo. This cheque CondĂ© nast are cutting for Namie will see Haruto through Keio university and keep his trust fund stacked so he's set for life and ain't never gotta know what it feels like to work a job.

Namie looks fly to death. Your fave is out in the cold wishing on a star for Namie to fall off before Christmas.

The musical backdrop to "Ballerina" is of Wolfgang Gartner's 2009 Complextro banger "Fire power". The production is insane and relentless. It sounds like NES Castlevania, an ABBA record and Daft Punk all had sex with a ghetto blaster at Alton towers. And just as Namie has managed to prove with her last 2 albums, she is able to take electro and rather surprisingly reign the whole damn thing in, in both Engrish and Japanese. This song should have been on Feel without a shadow of a doubt.

Namiserable had better show me some work when she performs this song live on her Feel tour, but she probably won't. She definitely won't. She'll just fuck the whole thing and be sat in a chair as her backing dancers go in during all of the stuttered bass drops.

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InnerRise said…
Love the snippet of the song, but knowing it isn't original cheapens it.
David said…
It is original. As in it's originally written by someone else. Like every other one of Namie's songs. Namie ain't here to write, she's here to dead face and destroy bitches.
Roni Dez said…
"Ballerina" sounds amazing. This song partially makes up for my disappoint in the music she has released over the past 3 years. Namie's vocals definitely suits Electro House and most of its sub-genre's like Complextro. She should delve more into this type of music.

Some fans are hoping she will feature a new song in her new CM's airing early October with Japanese women's apparel brand "UNTITLED". I hope she does because I'm so over her "FEEL" era.
Bill said…
My god that 60s70s80s / Vidal Sassoon mess was so amazing it made me want to work in marketing so bad. And now I do. Namie effectively changed my career. Keep getting them checks, girl!
M. Con said…
Namie's Ballerina sounds great and she looks GORGEOUS, but yeah, her team pulled a Beyonce in terms of the song's writings (Anyone remember Pon de Floor...erm...Run the World (Girls)?)
sweetdorka said…
Yes! Namie! YES!!!