Album review: Namie Amuro - Queen of Hip-Pop

Sophie releases a remix album of her debut Oil of every pearl's un-insides and scams gays with a $285 purse

M-Flo debut a new radio show, Mortal Portal radio

Random J Pop deep cut: Destiny's Child - Hey ladies

Chairlift's Caroline Polachek and PC music's Danny L Harle dive out that bitch with "Parachute"

Jidenna goes back to where he came from, with 85 to Africa

Friendly Fires drop a new song "Run the wild flowers". *Wig is abandoned in a garden somewhere*

Blood Orange beg for an aristocratic 2-step with "Benzo"

Madeon throws it back with "Dream Dream Dream"

Music video: Metronomy serve acid trip realness with their video for "Walking in the dark"

Kumi Koda plays herself with her new merch. Namie is sat with her glass of wine somewhere cackling.

Music video: Liz goes Y2K aesthetic as hell for a remix of "Last call"

Random J Pop playlist: Written by Missy Elliott

Music video: Kumi Koda covers Ricky Martin's "Livin' la vida loca" and nobody knows why

Rina Sawayama features in a MAC cosmetics commercial. Still no album.

Yasutaka Nakata confirms that he's working on a new Capsule album

Music video: Samara Smith may have done something with "How do you sleep?" and I'm a bit shocked

Music video: Beyoncé kicks starts the Disney cinematic universe by featuring a young Ariel in her music video for "Spirit"

The explicit version of Perfume's face mask bop "Nananananairo"

Nalayoncé calls for the Pride lands to lift every wig and sing with "Spirit"

Random J edit: Beyoncé - Grown Woman (The definitive version)

Perfume (a.k.a. The Queens of Hip-Future-Hop) Milly rocked on national television and I cannot believe

Album art + tracklisting: Friendly fires - Inflorescent

Halle Bailey lands lead role in the live action remake of The little mermaid. Ariel is black now. Bye.

Beyoncé stares Nalayoncé in the face in a new promo shot for The Lion king, the only piece of promotion she'll do because Blue told her to