Random J edit: A high-ass-quality, non-music video rip, Random J Pop exclusive edit of Beyoncé's "Grown woman"

Random J edit: A high-ass-quality, non-music video rip, Random J Pop exclusive edit of Beyoncé's "Grown woman" | Random J Pop

"Grown woman" is a pretty divisive song. Some fans love it and stay pissed that Beyoncé only gave us a video and not the actual song as an album cut (more than we deserved to get to be quite honest). And some hate it, think it's trash and are like 'I see why a bitch left it off an album'. Me? I always liked it.

Back in 2013, the whole time we were wondering what the hell was happening with Beyoncé's fifth studio album, a bitch dropped a snippet of a new song ("Grown woman") in a Pepsi commercial, did a Super bowl performance, announced a world tour and then went on said tour, STILL with no album, because she's fucking Beyoncé. She then trolled everybody during the Paris stop of her tour by performing "Grown woman" in full, which was the first time she'd performed the song and anybody had heard it in full. (Still no release of the song or even the hint of a new album by the way). Not long after that, the song leaked online. And over a period of about 6 months, the song leaked at least twice again; and each time there would be minor tweaks and changes from the last. Then when the official music video leaked, the song had gone through more changes again, marking what I felt was the weakest version of the song. So, I still ended up playing the first version that leaked, as it was my favourite of them all. Even though that shit had crowd noises in the background. Adds to the atmosphere I guess.

At some point the official stems for the song leaked online. I have no idea how. Maybe there was a competition to remix the song that I wasn't aware of, which Beyoncé had done once before with "End of time" when she graced the Internet with official stems. But whether the official stems floating about online was because of an official release or a Beyoncé stan going undercover as a sound engineer and uploading that shit to Dropbox from Timbaland's MacBook; it's probably the reason why Beyoncé didn't officially release the song. 'Cos she was like "Ya'll can make the song your motherfucking self".

So that's what I did.

I pieced the song back together to form a version of "Grown woman" which is a fusion of the very first version that leaked and the version she performed live; which are my 2 favourite versions of the song. This is high quality and not a music video rip. So for those of you who have always wanted this song and was annoyed at the music video version, I got'chu.

Blue Ivy. If you come across this and want it taken down boo, just e-mail me. Don't shut the blog down.