Album art + tracklisting: Friendly fires - Inflorescent

Album art + tracklisting: Friendly fires - Inflorescent | Random J Pop

Hell. There must be frost all over that bitch, because Friendly fires are releasing a new album. Their first album in 84 years 8 years.

Friendly fires released their comeback single "Love like waves" in April of 2018. And in between than and now, they've been touring and have released 2 singles "Heaven let me in" (co-produced by Disclosure), a cover of Charles B's "Lack of love" and the single "Silhouette" which was swiftly followed by the announcement of a new album.

Pigs must actually be flying, and quite frankly, so is my wig.

Friendly fires third studio album Inflorescent will be released on August 16.

Album art + tracklisting: Friendly fires - Inflorescent | Random J Pop

Friendly fires are permanent fixtures in my Summer playlists, so knowing I can finally add some new material to it this year has me feeling a type of emotional.

  1. Can't wait forever
  2. Heaven let me in
  3. Silhouettes
  4. Offline
  5. Sleeptalking
  6. Kiss and rewind
  7. Love like waves
  8. Lack of love
  9. Cry wolf
  10. Almost midnight
  11. Run the wild flowers

When Friendly fires were gigging in promotion of their comeback single "Love like waves", they also performed a couple of new songs completely unannounced, both of which were untitled. Friendly fires front man Ed Macfarlane had openly said that the band were still working on the new album, figuring things out and that these songs may not necessarily make the cut. Something that left me reeling, because the new songs sounded great. I guess we won't know if they made the cut until August 18.

Inflorescent will release digitally via streaming and physically on CD through all of the usual outlets. With special vinyl and cassette editions being available exclusively through Friendly fires' official website.

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