Music video: Beni - Suki dakara

Britney sits and listens to "Big fat bass" on Jimmy Kimmel live

Bonus material: The Dream - Nothing but love

Gaga cites Beyoncé as an influence

Britney and her fans (i.e stunt team) on the set of "I wanna go"

Jay-Z records his wife in her dressing room, making your faves sound like garbage

Music video: Jason Derulo - Don't wanna go home

Beyoncé does nursery level math on American idol

Beyoncé and Britney.

New music: Beyoncé - 1 + 1

Billboard music awards 2011 mess performances

The full tracklisting for Beyoncé's 4

Bonus material: Britney Spears - I wanna go (Single version)

Lipton "Let in rain" on the SNSD-bots. In coffee. Not money.

Beyoncé opens her legs for Oprah

Music video: Shontelle - Say hello to goodbye

New music: Beyoncé - End of time

Music video: Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake featuring Lady Gaga - 3-way (The golden rule)

Namie Amuro to roll out a triple A-side. Puts Kumi Koda on notice.

Album art: Beyoncé - 4

Music video: Beyoncé - Run the world (Girls)

Music video: Tokyo girls' style - Sayonara, arigato

The Amazonian robot empress titles her 4th studio album 4

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Music video: Maki Goto - Nee

Kelly Rowland names her 3rd studio album, Here I am

Beyoncé's full length trailer for "Run the world (Girls)"

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Britney Spears lines up "I wanna go" as Femme fatale's 3rd single

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Jennifer Hopelez does her thing on American idol

Single art: Lady Gaga - The edge of glory

Music video: Rihanna - California king bed

Perfume set laser sights on some wigs

Music video: Nicki Minaj - Super bass

Ayumi Hamasaki breaks a record. And then breaks another one. The takeover won't stop.

Music video: Ken Hirai - Itoshiki hibi yo

Single art: Katy Perry - Last Friday night (TGIF)

4 Korean idols and 1 dude with a played out high top fade.

RandomJpop: April 2011

That ginger one from Girls aloud is ready to snatch a wig

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BoA's 10th anniversary countdown...

Crystal gets holla'd at by Jin (again) and talks about a Korean debut. Oh lawd...

White chick makes your Young money fave look rubbish

Girls' generation get pimped for a chicken leg

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