Music video: Beni - Suki dakara

Beni easily could have milked more singles off of Jewel, seeing as near enough every song on that album is better than this slow mess. I think it's such a shame that once an album drops in Japan, that a fork is put into it where singles are concerned. Jewel was a flop. But it featured some great songs which would have made great singles and really could have helped give the album an extra push. "The first time", "Lovin' U", "Daisuki na no ni", "Toki wo tomete" - all hits.

"Suki dakara" is doing nothing for me. But Beni's lead singles rarely do. Beni looked nice in the video, but I just kept getting Ayumi Hamasaki vibes for some reason.

New album by the end of this year? I'd bet a wig on it. Beni kicked Crystal's shit under a tatami mat with Jewel. If you've not checked that album out, then I highly recommend you do so. Great album.


  1. This single was so disappointing. Once again, good talent gone to reallll waste.


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