Bonus material: The Dream - Nothing but love

The Dream - Nothing but love

After hearing the line ♪ I don't know much about algeba but 1 + 1 equals toooooooooooo!! ♪ I was certain Beyoncé wrote this song. Turns out she didn't. Well...there's no proof. But I'm willing to go out on a limb and assume that The Dream had recorded this demo prior to Beyoncé getting a a hold of the song. And that by simply changing the title of it from "Nothing but love" to "1 + 1", Beyoncé managed to wig wrestle her way into getting a songwriting and producing credit on the song.

Listen: Nothing but love

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At least we know now that Beyoncé mis-pronouncing algebra isn't just because she can't write, but because she can't read neither.

The Dream's vocals are horrid on this song - but what's new? Beyoncé sings his arse under a train on her version, as she does most people. But the lyrics still suck a Camel's back foot.

This song could have been so much better had somebody who didn't adhere to Nursery level rhymes vol. 2 wrote it. ♪ I don't know much about guns, but I've been shot by you ♪ Really!? I don't know much about writing songs, but I know the lyrics to this song are garbage.


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