Britney sits and listens to "Big fat bass" on Jimmy Kimmel live

Britney Spears performs 'Big fat bass' on Jimmy Kimmel live | Live performance

Britney doesn't sit down to do interviews any more. She just sits down to perform club bangers. Check out this previously unseen performance of "Big fat bass" on Jimmy Kimmel live. It's pretty much the same as all of the other performances Britney has done of this song. Britney does dance...a little. But the lights go dark when she does, so you can't see a thing she's doing. Real subtle.

Only Britney could sit down on a bunch of speakers for 80% of a performance, mime and still have a crowd go wild. She didn't even re-record her vocals so they sounded at least a little different from the playback. Homeboy back stage just put in a copy of Femme fatale and hit track 8. Why anybody even bothers to give Britney a microphone before she hits the stage, is beyond me.

I have a love / hate relationship with "Big fat bass". The song is rubbish, but I rather like it. There's something about that ♪ It's getting bigga! Da bass is getting bigga!


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