Britney and her fans (i.e stunt team) on the set of "I wanna go"

Britney on the set of 'I wanna go' | Music video shoot

Here's a shot of Britney on the set of her music video for "I wanna go". The chicks around her are probably all her stunt doubles, triples and quadruples. Bitch doesn't even care whether they're the same height, shape, or look like her any more. She just wants to do as little as possible. Just cut them chicks some cheques and call the video a wrap.

The video was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero who has revealed that the visual affair will feature hardly any choreography at all, which is probably what had Britney fly to this dude's treatment like a moth to a flame.

The video will reportedly see Britney in various scenario's and fantasies - which is sounding like another "Toxic", "Womanizer" style video. I'm sure the visual be a case of solid cinematography, but Britney looking fed up - as has been a trend with Femme fatale's music videos so far. I thought the Circus videos were lacking. But I watch them now and it's like Britney was full of life in those by comparison. I watch "If U seek Amy" and it's like watching old Britney. Just goes to show how far this woman has fallen off from a swag standpoint. She just gets worse. It's like her swag has cancer.

I would have loved for "I wanna go" to get given a music video where Britney is just dancing her hot little booty off - because it's what the song commands. But the most we're probably going to get is half arsed weave flick. I remember when this chick used to dance to slow jams and ballads. Bitch did not let the tempo of "Born to make you happy" stop her from two stepping and pussy popping for a second.


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