Britney Spears' 2016 Billboard music awards 'performance'

You would never guess it by watching her current performances, but the Britney used to light up a stage. Despite being a game veteran, Britney's on stage demeanour and movements are not what you would expect from a woman who has been in the game for almost 20 years. Shuffleney moves around the stage like some second rate performer, void of energy and lacking the sharpness she burst onto the scene with in 1999. But despite that, she still tours, racks in money and performed at the 2016 Billboard music awards. Bless her.

Stiffney's performance was better than I expected. She at least danced...a little. There were even a couple of moments where Britney's old skool swag kicked in for a hot minute. But it was too far and between. The overall performance lacked consistent energy. Britney's look is also at odds with how she moved. She had the confidence to step out on a stage in a bejewelled bikini, but lacked confidence in her own moves. The sharpness just wasn't there. Back in the day Britney could simply walk across a stage and exude sass, energy and precision. She commanded the stage and your attention. Now she's flanked by spectacle, dancers and favours risque sex kitten outfits in what seems like an attempt to detract from the main star of the show itself, which should be her. It's a bit perplexing.

Britney seems to be getting her life back on track and it's great to see that she's no longer being filtered by her handlers and her management team. The smiles she gives on stage seem genuine. Her Instagram account and her exchanges on social media are very much her and in the character of Britney as we knew her pre-meltdown. She's herself again to some degree. She also physically looks great. Banging body. Legitimately good weaves. But it truly baffles me how after two world tours and a Las Vegas residency Britney's dance moves are still so stiff, sloppy and energy deficient.

Jessica Alba summed up my feelings with this performance perfectly with this one look.

Me too girl, me too.


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