Music video: Britney Spears - Perfume

I am sat here wondering why Britney even bothered to release a video to "Perfume" when nothing happens throughout the whole thing.

All this video did was make me sympathise with the guy. If my girlfriend was as dry and boring as Britney is in this video, I'd cheat on her ass too. The brown haired chicken head looked way more fun and into the guy than Britney was.

All this woman had to do was act in a 4 minute and 24 second video and she couldn't even do that. Lana Del Ray is whipping titties out for an albino in gardens of Eden, stripping for money in LA and getting crunk in rye fields in a 30 minute music video - whilst Britney is unable to convey any sense of emotion to mirror what she's singing about. It's like she's dead inside.And for the never of the broad to be tweeting this...

This woman was a certified fraud. The same woman who was tweeting and Instagramming how hard she was working in rehearsals for the dance routine to "Work bitch" - just to drop a video where she spends most of it lying on the floor in a desert, sat on a chair with a whip and stood in a swimming pool being circled by sharks.

In all of the past videos Britney had shot with a male lead, she had good chemistry with each of her male co-stars and was never afraid to push the boundaries to sell it. Let us not forget "Don't let me be the last to know". The chemistry between Britney and her lead in that video was so strong than it was a beaker and Bunsen burner away from softcore pornography. Now Britney goes about her videos like she doesn't want to be around people.

Britney should call her next album Telethon, because all she does is phone it in. From her vocals, to her live performances, to her music videos.

The Britney standom will stick by this woman through thick, thin and flop - which is tragic. Because this Britney we have now is not the same Britney who was shaping the face of pop single handedly. It's even more tragic that Christina Aguilera is such a flop, because she's in a better position to deliver all that Britney no longer can.


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