Beyoncé and Britney.

Beyonce & Britney | Backstage at the 2011 Billboard awards

When you see Britney and Beyoncé together, you think of 3 things:
  1. B and B
  2. The weaves
  3. Their live performance games
In regards to their live performance games; I'll put down my haterade on Britney's, and instead pour you some of YouTube user and commenter DOMINIW5's instead.
britney spears is not a performer at all who the fuck would buy a ticket to her concert she doesnt even sing she didnt even swing the fucking pillow right hr stand at the end of niki minaj performance was lazy she didnt even strike a pose
Britney and Beyoncé looked nice together. Two white girls just kickin' it. It's crazy to think these women are pretty much the same age and that they've been in the game for the same amount of time. It feels as though Britney's been around for a heck of a lot longer.

Britney actually waited backstage to congratulate Beyoncé and get a picture with her, which is pretty damn sweet of her. She was probably lost and wondering we she could go pee-pee mind you. (We know this chicks' mind ain't what it used to be). Britney's sweet attitude is one of several things which has kept her in the game for so long. And why folk in the game find it hard to say anything bad about her. Doesn't stop me though. She's sweet, but her live game is still garbage. 


  1. The reason it seems like Britney's been around longer is because Beyonce hasn't made anywhere near the cultural or musical impact Britney has made...
    We all know Britney is crap live these days but people need to GTF over it... She has mental problems and is on meds, I (as a fan) would rather be able to look back on the amazing (Better than Beyonce) performances she gave in the past and listen to the amazing music she still puts out (unlike Beyonce) and have Britney alive than have her go crazy again and kill herself.

    Britney spent most of her childhood working her ass off for her fans (as did Bey too) and i think haters should really cut her some slack.

    P.S Cute pic but yeay Bey is gettin too white, she's starting to look like a bargin bin Shakira lol

  2. I love britney spears & beyonce both! They both look cute in this picture. First off. I think it is SO dumb of you people to be saying beyonce looks white or too white. Thats just how she is & there is nothing wrong with it. If you noticed she's always been light skin! But the reason she was darker before was because of a hmm? I don't know A TAN! She is still & always beautiful as well as britney spears... which brings me to her. She is a great peformer. Stop hatin'. She has always been great 7 keeps getting better the more she performs on this tour. I believe she will do great at future award shows now because she got back into the groove of things. But people need to stop down playing her talent as a singer, dancer & all 'round performer. Now. I do hope that beyonce & britney collaborate together because that would be cool & I hope I can work with both these women someday :-)


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