Music video: Jennifer Lopez featuring Lil' Wayne - I'm into you

This video was pretty 'n shit. But it was boring. The "Papi" breakdown was the only interesting part of this video because it showed Jennifer working that waist and rocking hait that looked like a Lion's mane. The Beyondroid is not happy. We all know the amazoniandroid guns for bitches who rock wigs, weaves and hair pieces which rival the volume of her own.

Jennifer looked hot though. The woman is 41, has shot twins out of her vagina, f**ks that Skeletor looking man of a husband (which must sap the life out of her) and looks hotter than she did when she started out. P. Diddy must be pissed he has to settle like chump-for-change hoes like Cassie who have to shave half of their head to get attention and barely has a career to keep afloat, when he still could have been kicking it with J.Ho.

Thank Jebus Lil' Wayne was kept out of this video too. That gremlin would have only sullied up the beauty of this music video. And I like the song too. It's much better than that RedOne produced, Pitbull featured garbage - even if it does stink of one of Rihanna's Road runner wigs.


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