Single art: Katy Perry - Last Friday night (TGIF)

This single cover might just be the best single cover I've seen of 2011 so far. Garish. Fugged out. 80's. It's just all around win. It slaps that artsy arsed out candy cotton mess of an album cover for Teenage dream in its face.

"Last Friday night (TGIF)" is the best song on Teenage dream. And I'm not trying to hear anybody tell me otherwise. It's just straight up undiluted pop crack. It should have been a single sooner, but I guess it's better late than never.

I just hope that the original version is the one which gets the single treatment and gets serviced to radio, and not some generic trance heavy club remix which completely strips the song of what made it so great in the first place.

And seeing as Katy is milking the singles off of Teenage dream to remain relevant, I recommended that she drops "Hummingbird heartbeat" after "Last Friday night (TGIF)" as the next single, as it also ranks as one of Teenage dream's most stand out songs.


  1. We are like "THIS" right now. I'm surprised this song didn't get single treatment right off the bat, like after Teenage Dream or California Gurls. And, yes, I absolutely love "Hummingbird Heartbeat"; such an overlooked gem, and it kills me when I hear people saying it's the worst song off the album and praise "E.T." like it's the best song in the world. SMH. Oh, and LOL at the cover. I already like the theme they're going for. Going to be an awsum vid.


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