Beyoncé's full length trailer for "Run the world (Girls)"

The Amazonian robot empress was supposed to premiere her music video for "Run the world (Girls)" yesterday, but it was a no show. Apparently, the video was pushed back because the Beyondroid is perfecting it. This leads us to believe that she's actually editing this shit herself. After all, home girl is a Final cut pro having edited her tour DVD herself. If anybody wants me, I'll be playing catch with this here tumbleweed.

Until the Amazonian android empress drops her music video for her worst single since "Ring the alarm",  check out the full trailer to it. The song doesn't seem that bad because the song plays in the form in which Beyoncé should have left it.

The Android empress had me from I saw those gold GameCube shoes, and I saw her channeling the Dark Pheonix by setting fire to a car. I refuse to believe US armed forces killed Osama after watching this shit. Beyoncé probably had one of her home girls shoot him. After all, they be running the world and shit.

This video could turn out to be great. But it could also turn out to be nothing but pussy popping in a desert with some burnt out cars, and weave thrashing under a bridge in front of a riot squad and an explosion - which would make it epic.


  1. damn. she had bout 25 wardrobe changes! quite excited for this to drop - i think it'll be good and give the song quite the boost. btw, i was thinking gamecube too when i saw those shoes! :D


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