Mashup: Beyoncé x Honey Dijon - Alien Superstar (Random J Mashup)

Stacks of vinyl in a shelving / storage unit, with a lone vinyl of Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” (Random J Mashup) sat on the floor. The vinyl artwork of which features a shot of Beyoncé’s wearing one of the Renaissance Couture looks created by Olivier Rousteing of Balmain.

“Alien Superstar”. The song which had everybody screaming ‘UNIQUE’. The song that the Internet unanimously decided was the best song on the album. Me, however. I wasn’t a fan. And I actually only began to really like the song as a result of my own mashups of it. This *Points down below* being one of them.

For as much as I wasn’t fawning over “Alien Superstar” initially, I got why everybody else was falling over it. It’s catchy. It’s gay as hell. One of the things I find when doing mashups is that I develop a greater appreciation of the songs I’m working with. Hearing things isolated and picking things apart, you find all sorts of details which change how you listen to the original versions.

An ‘interesting story’ (if you will) of this mashup actually has nothing to do with me. Honey Dijon is the artist of the song “Alien Superstar” has been mashed with. But she is also one of the co-writers and producers of “Alien Superstar”. The Honey Dijon thread was not my intent. As with most of my mashups, the idea just came to me. Then only after the fact, was I like ‘Oh, that thread kinda cool’.

If Honey Dijon comes across this mashup, I hope she likes it.

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