Beyoncé opens her legs for Oprah

Beyonce performs 'Run the world (Girls)' on Oprah | Live performance

The Amazonian robot empress of the lost kingdom of wigs took herself to Oprah's show wrap-up to perform her rubbish single "Run the world (Girls)". But somehow, the Amazonian robot empress managed to make the song seem, well...less rubbish. Beyoncé sold this shit to me the second she opened them legs at the 2:46 mark. When this woman opens her legs, I can see the future. As well as the wigs belonging to those whose careers she's killed along the way.

I don't like how Beyoncé is making me like this garbage song with these hot performances. I really don't. Beyoncé turned this shit out! And Oprah's face was priceless! She was gobsmacked like "Wow. This bitches weave is in her face, but she still be singing live! This bitch is in heels, but she still be hop scotching and doing 100 meter dash long jumps shit!".

This whole performance was enough to punch holes in her pro-woman movement, especially given how she spent most of it with her legs open and scantily clad. But her shit was believable and "Run the world (Girls)" seemed like a legitimate anthem for a hot minute.


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