Kelly Rowland names her 3rd studio album, Here I am

Ain't nobody care where you is | Random J pop strip: Beyonce and Kels

Our favourite soon to be McDonald's employee of the month Kelly McRowland has titled her new album Here I am. This is a really fitting album title. Because don't nobody where this woman is or what the hell she's trying to do with her music. Hopefully this album will ship to retail with a pink neon sign above it so people know this shit is out. Although Beyoncé will probably announce a world tour the same day.

I love Kelly. So I want this album to do well for her. I just hope it's good. I loved Ms. Flop. It was start to finish hotness, with only 1 song on the whole thing I couldn't stand (thats song being "Ghetto" - which was still better than most of what Beyoncé's done). The album was well produced, well written, with pin point vocals from Kels. And the best thing about the album was that it was consistent! The flow of that album was perfect.

Nothing I've heard from Kelly so far sounds like it could sit on an album cohesively. Not unless she plans to go ahead with servicing an R&B heavy tracklist for the US edition of the album, a more dance geared one to Europe, and then give Japan the best damn deal (as they always get) and shove every track onto the Japanese release.

"Motiviation" is doing incredibly well for Kelly, and has caught many people by surprise. Me in particular! Because I was so sure the song would flop on the basis that it wasn't what the radio tuned public would want from her. She proved me wrong, and I'm glad!

I'd love for her to prove me wrong again with this album and knock it out of the park commercially, because I really do love me some Kelly McRowland. She was always my favourite back up singer in Destiny's Child. And the quality of her solo albums wipe the floor with the Beyondroid's in my opinion. So, GO KELLY, GO!


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