Music video: Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake featuring Lady Gaga - 3-way (The golden rule)

I will bump this shit the same way I bumped "Mother lover" and "I'm on a boat". The beat on this shit is correct! R&B is being done more legitimately here as a parody, than it is by artists in the game who are trying to keep a career! That n***a Usher needs to take some notes. He just got schooled by three white people how to drop an R&B hit in 2011.

Lady Gaga was looking 80's hussy correct. And I prefer her on this than I do hearing her wail her rubbish on "Born this way", "Judas", "The edge of glory" and "Hair". Gaga's got herself another hit.


  1. Why does lady gaga look like she's trying to emulate mariah in this video...haha

  2. I actually agree with the yt-comments, I mean, seriously, she has a great look if she's not covered in all that shit and that tons of make-up and shoes and whatnot, I like it way more than any of her photoshoots and videos for this era.
    And the song is actually really good.

  3. That was great. That's the best I've ever seen Lady Gaga look, seriously.


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