Namie Amuro to roll out a triple A-side. Puts Kumi Koda on notice.

Namiserable slates July for a triple A-side single release | Namie Amuro news
Namiserable Amuro will be rolling out a triple A-side single in July! This woman's grind stays tempered like steel! She has been on some back to back shit this year. Bitch wants to get PAID!

The last triple A-side Namie released was 60s 70s 80s - each song of which came with an expensive looking video funded by Vidal Sassoon, had Namie styled by Patricia Field of Sex and the city fame, and sampled an iconic song from the respective era's. In a nutshell, the release was just covered in money.

I don't think the production values for this triple A-side will be quite as high if Namie's more recent cheap looking pieces of shit are anything to go by. The "Fight together" music video will probably just be a montage clip of scenes from One piece. And the other 2 songs will have Namie dancing like she don't care about a f**king thing, wearing those tired thigh high boots, rocking metallic nail polish, hair so straight and sleek that you wonder whether it's real know...lots of sitting down. Because our Okinawan ho loves a good chair. Either way, I'm still looking forward to this release. Could this mean a new studio album by the end of the year?


  1. Well I think Naked is the theme song for esprique, so maybe it will get some sort of Funding. Lmfao Or maybe it will be filmed in some parking lot with Namie looking bored in an elevator. Bitch needs to get up off the chair. She may be one of the oldest b*tches in the game, but she's not that old now.


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