Music video: Maki Goto - Nee

Maki wants Kumi Koda's wig. She's been after it for years. Over sexualizing herself in music videos and looking a tramp. And now going sweet, balladry and demure for "Nee": a song and video which stink like the in-between of Kumi's legs on a good day. The J-ballad formula is so...well...formulaic that most females in the J-music game have dropped a song and video like this at some point. But there's no denying there is a Kumi like waft about "Nee".

Maki Goto has a really nice voice, is pretty, and has some good songs. But there's nothing distinct about her. And the whole super-sexed image she's been continually pushing in her music videos does her no favours in separating herself from the original J-pop ho. Kumi doesn't have to try to be a skank of a tramp. She just is. And you can tell Maki is not that girl. I say she tows the line of elegance. It does so much more for her. Her live performance of "Nee" a few weeks back on Coming soon!! was pretty damn stunning, and she stands out so much more working the less is more approach than she does when she's slow grinding in lingerie and flicking her cheap extensions around. 

If Maki's going to try and Solid Snake her way to a wig, I say she aims for Ayu's. Ain't nobody ever touching that wig. Even Mannie gets checked on when he tries to lay a hand on it. But she's a better example of an artist to try and reach for and aspire to. Even Kumi had to wake up and smell the sake, and realize that class is what will ultimately get you to the top, because even though sex sells, it gets old when it's all people have shoved down their throats. Plus, it's hard to take somebody seriously when they're constantly making whores on the streets of Roppongi look like Princess Diana.


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