Beyoncé does nursery level math on American idol

Beyonce performs '1 + 1' on American idol | Live performance

Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" somehow made it to number 1 on the charts. So of course Beyoncé had to make an attempt to shine steal by dropping a premiere performance of a brand new song on American idol.

Beyoncé debuted her loved up ballad "1 + 1" and showed bitches what real talent sounds like. A piece of Jennifer Lopez probabaly died inside the second she heard Beyoncé would be performing on the show.

Who the hell needs demerol when you can just watch this shit. BORING! But Beyoncé's vocals were perfection. And it was nice to hear her sing like she means it. I genuinely believed for a hot minute that she wanted Jay-Z to run up onto that stage, pin her down and grind her shit slowly. But even with B's vocals being strong and sultry in all of the right places - the album version still comes out on top because the music is better. The fly 80's Prince vibe just didn't come across here.


  1. Forgive me (especially those Beyonce crazies out there) but this shit was terrible. Over singing all over the place, the vibrato and runs were literally making me nauseous and to add insult to injury, the song is warmed over, cheesy garbage. And how is Beyonce yelling "MAKE LOVE TO ME!" over and over again appropriate for American Idol? I just thought that was funny.



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