We really are the visual, baby. Beyoncé to release a film of the Renaissance World Tour in theatres.

A shot from the trailer for Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. Featuring a long shot of the stage, with ‘RENAISSANCE' displayed on the giant LED wall screen.

When Beyoncé told that girl ‘You are the visual, baby’, she was being a shady bitch. But she wasn’t lying. Because Beyoncé is releasing a film of the Renaissance World Tour in cinemas.

The Beyhive have continually swarmed their own queen over there being no official release of the Formation World Tour. Even in the wake of Homecoming, fans were like ‘The hoodie is cute, but where is the Formation World Tour?’. To such an extent that Beyoncé had to address it in an interview with Elle, where she basically laughed in fans faces. But Beyoncé knew not to play games with the Renaissance World Tour, so it will be getting a release in cinemas, which will hopefully mean it will one day get a physical release on Blu-Ray and DVD, in addition to perhaps getting a release on streaming. Although, with this mess over streaming and there being no money in it, I wouldn’t hold it against Beyoncé if she release the tour physically and then held off on the tour hitting streaming for a year or so. Regardless, the Beyhive will buy up a physical release. Shit, I would.

It’s great to see both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé bring back the tour movie on such a huge scale. Between the two of them and the viral re-release of the Talking Heads tour movie, hopefully this becomes a thing again. Tours used to get released as standard back in the day, and then it just stopped. But I guess part of that reason is that there aren’t as many acts who tour as heavy as artists used to. And so few are able to put on shows of a scale that some would feel are the only types of shows worth filming for release. But NO BITCH. Every tour regardless of scale should be released. As long as you get yourself a good videographer to make it look good, it’s always worth it. I also think this day and age of smartphones has acts wondering if there is any point in filming and releasing a tour when whole shows end up online anyway. But smartphone footage is in no way a replacement for a professionally shot and edited tour with properly mixed sound. I don’t care how good your iPhone video quality is. I mean...

Seeing the trailer for the Renaissance World Tour made it feel like I was watching a whole other tour because of the angles, the cinematography and the editing - and I went to the damn tour.

Perfume need to start hiring a team who can shoot shit like this. Because I am beyond tired of their concerts being shot like ass and looking washed out. Performing their asses of on stage and giving production, just for it all to look so dry when it hits WOWOW and home release.


A shot from the trailer for Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. Featuring her in her gold Loewe bodysuit, fanning herself off at the end of her performance of “Heated”.
Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé | Parkwood Entertainment

Renaissance has been such an experience since the day it released, and it’s great to see Beyoncé continue to keep it going for this long. Renaissance is going to have theatres be he livest they have ever been. If a Talking Head tour film can have white people up on their feet dancing right in front of the screen, then Renaissance will have the whole place goin’ up. And you best believe if there’s folk in attendance who can give a lil’ catwalk and a soft dip, that we are getting runways and battles during “Pure/Honey”.

I’ve been suffering from Disco tour withdrawals since June, so this film will tide me over very nicely. That’s if it releases in the UK. Because as I post this there is no release date for anywhere other than North America. Bitch, you did a 5 day residency in London. You better release this damn film in the UK.

Renaissance hits theatres in North America from December 1st. So this date is probably to capitalise on the week after Thanksgiving. So I could see the film getting a worldwide release during the first or second week of January to capitalise on the new year. But let’s see.

I’m as excited to see the videos of everybody enjoying the Renaissance film in theatres. Theatres are gonna run into some real issues with people in other screenings complaining about hearing ‘UNIQUE’ and ‘MAKE DA PRETTY GIRLS TALK THAT SHITTY’ being shouted through the walls though. So they need to be smart with which screen plays which films and at which times, so there’s as little overlap as possible. But it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna cause problems. And there will be videos going viral of fights in theatre lobbies with Renaissance songs slapped over the top. But with all that we saw with Barbie, it’s cool that we could potentially have another event movie which people dress up for. Especially after all we saw fans do for the tour.