Mashup: Beyoncé x Crystal Waters - Alien Superstar (Random J Mashup)

Stacks of vinyl’s, with a lone vinyl of Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” (Random J Mashup) sat on the floor. The cover art of which features a black and white shot of Beyoncé in body fitting dress.

“Alien Superstar” was not a song I particularly liked until I made this mashup of it. Working on this song, playing around with the vocals, hearing them in isolation and hearing the song so many times, I became a fan of it. And now I know all of the lyrics back to front. And it’s a good thing I was able to get this together prior to attending the Renaissance World Tour, because me stood silent and motionless whilst Beyoncé is popping her pussy in a silver quilt would not have been the vibe. And I just know that my unfortunate ass woulda get filmed by some bitch and put up on TikTok with the on-screen caption ‘Bitch, how u at the Renassance Wolrd Tour and you not movin to Alien Superstar?’.

“Alien Superstar” is a song that you really can throw on anything. And it’s an interesting song to play around with, because there are so many different elements of the song that you can tap into and lean into, because it’s such a coolly and interestingly put together song. You can lean into how hard the beat is. Or you can lean into the etherealness of the chorus and the ending. Or you can lean into the rap. Or you can lean into the message of the song and go all supermodel-on-a-catwalk with it. For me, I wound up doing the latter with the Crystal Waters classic, “Gypsy Woman”.

“Gypsy Woman” and “Alien Superstar” actually share similar qualities when it comes down to the song compositions and a performances - both giving you different levels of things to tap into.

Alien superstar, but she’s homeless y’all.

Yep. I got rid of the ending of “Alien Superstar”, because it just didn’t work with the music. The first version of this mashup I had done was the final version above. I knew I wanted it to end with ‘UNIQUE’ and a long delay (echo) which goes on for ages, so I did that and didn’t even entertain working in the outro. I wasn’t even curious about how the mashup would sound with the outro. Because as it was, it just worked. But then I did get curious. So, I slapped the ending on for fun, and it just didn’t work. Whilst “Alien Superstar” generally is a song that works with everything, that ending is definitely the part of the song which is an exception. It does not work with every type of beat or piece of music.

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