Mashup: Beyoncé x RuPaul - Cuff It (Random J Mashup)

Stacks of vinyl in a shelving / storage unit, with a lone vinyl of Beyoncé’s “Cuff It” (Random J Mashup) sat on the floor. The cover art of which features a shot of Beyoncé in a Thierry Mugler dress pushing through a gold tassel curtain.

RuPaul of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame has a music career. Well, it’s pretty much just a music career which now serves a sole purpose of being the soundtrack to Drag Race. Nobody really takes RuPaul’s music seriously. I don’t think he’d ever really want anybody to. So little of his music is outside of the Drag Race fandom is particularly popular, with the exception of “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, which predates Drag Race anyway. 

But I have listened to some of RuPaul’s music, and I have to say that his album Realness is not bad. I’m surprised that in the age of Renaissance and the revival of house music commercially, that RuPaul hasn’t bothered to re-release it or use songs from it in current seasons, because the entire album is 90s house. RuPaul actually dropped an album which was ahead of a curve y’all.

One of my favourite songs from Realness is “Color Me Love”, which features Mystique from the original X-Men movies. And I had the silly idea of throwing “Cuff It” on top of it. Two songs which couldn’t be more different in style.

Also. Doing anything with “Cuff It”? Kinda blasphemous.

After making this mashup, I realised why this combo of songs came to me. And I think it’s because Renaissance doesn’t have a 90s club record where Beyoncé is singing her lace glue off, and I realised that I kinda wanted that from her. “Cuff It” is one of the only songs on Renaissance on which Beyoncé is singing pretty big and forward from start to finish. And “Color Me Bad” has a great diva house beat, so *Claps hands together*.

“Cuff It” would make a great lip sync song on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but World of Wonder ain’t paying money for that. Although they might get a Friends and French Baguettes discount if they submit a request to Parkwood now.

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