Mashup: Beyoncé x Jessie Ware - Virgo’s Groove

A pile of colourful floppy discs. With one pink disc with a label on it, which features the cover art of the Beyoncé x Jessie Ware mashup. The cover art of which features a shot of Beyoncé from her Tiffany and Co. commercial.

So, if we were to rank Pussyoncé’s “Virgo’s Groove” and Jessica’s “Spotlight” using a Resident Evil style ranking system, they would both be S rank songs. The highest rank available. Both fantastic songs. Classics. Easily one of their best. Songs I would urge nobody to ever touch or remix. And yet my ass went and made a mashup of both songs.

I put myself in front of fast moving traffic of bumblebee cars by touching “Virgo’s Groove”. But as a fan of both songs and despite potential bias, I think this works nicely. Both songs are so damn good and share similar seductive vibes, that the mix and arrangement choices would have to be horrendous for no part of a mashup of the two to not work.

[Takes a pause for somebody to shout ‘BITCH, THEY DO NOT WORK’ at me]