Jessie Ware throws my wig from the Disco train with "Spotlight"

Jessie Ware throws my wig from the Disco train with "Spotlight" | Random J Pop


I love me some Jessie Ware. But I did wonder for a moment if she was gonna quit this music thing given that she seemed devoted to podcasting and that shit took off in such a big way. There was also the releases over the past year and a half, none of which were given any promo or music video. Then "Spotlight" comes along in all its perfectly produced glory with a whole visual and says 'GOTCHA BITCH!'.

Jessie slicked that ponytail back, put on her frilled dress and said 'Lemme serve these bitches some Disco'.

Dua Lipa has been riding the sounds of old with singles from her sophomore album Future Nostalgia. But Jessie Ware came along with her baby sucking on her titty and said 'Move bitch'.

One of my favourite Jessie Ware songs is "Imagine It Was Us". A vibe that I'd always hoped Jessie would return to, and "Spotlight" reminds me a-hell-of-alot of it, both musically and visually.

The song is absolutely gorgeous. It sounds like it should be the theme to something; which made me realise that Jessie Ware would be a great contender for singing a James Bond theme. And to anybody thinking 'But her voice ain't powerful enough!?'


Billie Eilish.

Alicia struggling-to-hit-the-right Keys.

We're only 2 months into 2020 and already Jessie Ware has given me one of the songs of the year.

And to fully quell any doubt as to whether Jessie might be packing in this music thing, she's also releasing a new album, What's Your Pleasure? on June 5th.