Remix: Mariah Carey x Sonic R - Shake it off (Random J mashup)

Remix: Mariah Carey x Sonic R - Shake it off (Random J mashup) | Random J Pop

There was a period back in August when I was on this Pop song 'n' Video game music mashup spree. I'd already shared one of the fruits of that moment with my mashup of Britney Spears and Tekken. Now here comes Mariah Carey and Sonic the hedgehog. Although it's probably not whatever Sonic the Hedgehog song you're thinking of.

Sonic the hedgehog's games may be as inconsistent as Kumi Koda's discography. But the constant has always been good music. Sonic the hedgehog games always have great soundtracks and Sonic R's is probably one of my faves. The soundtrack was so good that it made me forget how trash the game was. It was also one of those soundtracks that came about during a time when video game music was blurring all of the lines between what you'd hear in a film or on the radio. Play Sonic R's "Work it out" to anybody who has no knowledge of Sonic R and they'd probably just think it was a Pop release.

I dunno why I thought to mash a song from Sonic R with Mariah's "Shake it off". I have absolutely no clue. And I listened to "Work it out" a hell of a lot prior to doing this and not once did I even consider mashing it with something.

This mashup is kinda self-fulfilling, because I'd love to hear Mariah on more Dance and House records.

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