Mashup: Beyoncé x Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation - Move

A pile of colourful floppy discs. With one pink disc with a label on it, which features the cover art of my Beyoncé x Hyo mashup. The cover art of which features a colour inverted shot of Beyoncé backstage on her Renaissance World Tour.

“Move” is another song on Renaissance which I wasn’t a fan of at initially. But I appreciated that Beyoncé had carried one of the sounds of The Lion King: The Gift into Renaissance, as I really liked that album. I will never get why so many were so lukewarm on it. It had some truly great songs. “Find Your Way Back” is one of Beyoncé’s best songs. And her voice on “Otherside”!?


One day whilst I was in my car, with both hands on the wheel and my ass 2 centimetres off the seat as I was poppin’ my pussy to the switch in “Move“, I had an idea for a mashup.

When I tweeted this mashup, somebody replied ‘WAAAAAIT a minute you really got something here omg’. And it took everything in me to not reply ‘Obviously’ and talk my shit.

Seriously though. The energies of “Move” and “Deep” are pretty similar. Both start off pretty aggressive and have a moment where they soften into something more sensual you can whine down to.

And earlier this week Hyoyeon released a new song “Picture”, which is quite “Heated”-esque in its sound, which was a weird coincidence.