A high quality clip of "Display" drops. #Prfm fandom gets turnt up. "Hold your hand" is officially dead.

Ayumi Hamasaki to release her 15th studio album on July 2nd

Hikaru Utada is a married woman. Weds in Italy. Whips her weave piece fringe in and out the church.

A first look at the short video for Perfume's "Display"

Perfume set to release their 20th single "Cling cling". "Hold your hand" officially swept under a rug and tossed out with the burnables.

Perfume release a short lyric video for "Hold your hand"

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's third studio album 'Pikapika fantasian' to release on July 9th

Mariah Carey debuts brand new song "You don't know what to do" and restores faith to the children

Music video: Kylie Minogue delivers something awful for "I was gonna cancel"

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Music video: Crystal Kay prepares to "Rule your world" in her bra and panties

Solange 'Chun-Li' Knowles beats down Jay-Z. Beyoncé does nothing.

Music video: Usher returns with his head anthem "Good kisser"

Perfume announce their 5th nationwide tour, 'Gurun gurun'. A-chan gets turnt up and refuses to turn down.

Music video: Superfly return with acoustic ballad realness "Live"

Ariana Grande's got 99 problems and dancing is one of them

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu returns as the ass kicking tooth fairy

Hear a snippet of Crystal Kay's new song "Rule your world"

Album art + tracklisting: Mariah Carey - Me. I am Mariah...The elusive chanteuse

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