A first look at the short video for Perfume's "Display"

Perfume's short music video for "Display" has been spotted by a fan who caught it playing in an electronics store. Thankfully they took it upon themselves to fulfil the duty of quenching the thirst of PTA and #Prfm  fan global by filming the entire thing.

What we learn from this video is that:
  • "Display" is a product tie-in with Panasonic HDTV's. Naturally.
  • A-chan looks more interested in selling the actual Panasonic TV than selling sex, as per Kashiyuchrist and Nocchesus Christ
  • The editing makes your faves' video look like it was done on Vine
  • Kashiyuchrist with a ponytail wins
  • "Hold your hand" is officially forgotten about

The quality of the video wasn't great, but I like what I heard of the song. So that's 1 out of the 3 brand new songs on the "Cling cling" single I can say sounds half decent.

The pressure is one for the "Cling cling" music video, because team Perfume did not f**k around for "Display". Somebody was up for days and quarantined in an editing suite to get this shit done, and I would not be surprised if this was shot in 4K for the sake of the HDTV tie in and also because Perfume stay on top of technology shit.

If "Cling cling" is nothing but the "Spending all my time" video with the Alitalia air steward dresses swapped out for the Ming spinning bird dynasty dresses, I will throw my copy of LEVEL3 into a microwave. I'm also praying that "Display" features the dirtiest of beat drops that none of us would have ever seen coming.

Sources: Prfm tumblr | Perfume fanclub (Thailand)


  1. I'm guessing YN's theme this year is dubstep… a trend we've abandoned two years ago… but, he still makes it sound fresh!

    But, the song as a whole sounds amazing! I REALLY WANT IT NOW! July 16th is a long time from now… :(

  2. Chris Redfield25 May 2014 at 22:11

    those vocals!!!!

  3. Yes. It's like a Nonstop Event. I am back. I was lost, now I'm found. I see why no money was wasted on their recent PVs. They had no time and neither did I. They dropped everything right here, put everything in this basket to the point the Easter Bunny can't even pick it up.

    I am ready.


  4. starlightshimmers28 May 2014 at 15:02

    I love "Display" so far.

    I don't get the hate for "Hold Your Hand." Its cute and simple, and I like it.


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