Music video: Kylie Minogue delivers something awful for "I was gonna cancel"

I do not know what Kylie Minogue was thinking when she shot this piece of shit music video for her Pharrell Williams assisted single from her 12th studio album Kiss me once.

The music video for "I was gonna cancel" should have had Kylie serving some Róisín Murphy type realness. But instead Kylie felt it appropriate to give us an Admiral car insurance video.

I watched this travesty of Kylie's once, and I shall not be watching it again. This video will not do anything to sway those who didn't like the song initially and may even make them like it less. If you liked this song and are having deep concerns about the quality of it based on this music video, I'd like to direct you to this footage of Kylie rehearsing the song for The Voice Italy and her first ever performance of it in Australia - both of which shit all over the music video, scrape it onto a shovel and dump it into a wheelie bin.

Kiss me once will die a death prematurely before its tour starts if Kylie doesn't choose her next singles carefully and give them decent music videos. "Les sex", "Million miles" and "If only" all need to be singles and they need to recapture that visual flair Kylie had on lock during her Fever era.


  1. What makes this hilarious is that Danity Kane released a single right after this that's basically the same thing and is 30x better, hotter, and catchier than this! Mariah, I ain't thirsty, but I sure can use some lemonade! :)


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