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Me. I am Mariah...The elusive chanteuse | Random J Pop

Miming Mimi has revealed her album title, a tracklisting, a release sate and the album arts. We have had some false starts over the past year, but this is the real deal. If the album gets pushed back, delayed, or shelved now, then Mariah will have to call her career a wrap. Many would say it already is following the messy roll out of her singles this era, but I'm not going there if you offer to take me there in a bulletproof Range Rover.

Mariah's 14th studio album is titled Me. I am Mariah...The elusive chanteuse which is a contender for the worse album title of 2014. She may as well have self titled the album as just 'Mariah' - although I'm sure Beyoncé stans would call her out for copying her. Something which they're doing now anyway, with Beyoncé having already released an album and titling I am...Sasha Fierce - which was just as equally horrendous an album name. The internet has already spoken with this.

Me. I am Bey | found over @ forums

I'm torn between what is worse though. The clear Photoshopping of the album cover or its title.

Mariah says that she drew the 'Me. I am Mariah picture when she was 3, but she probably had her daughter Minnesota draw it. 'The elusive chanteuse' is probably what Mariah wishes people would call her, not what people already do. Anybody who calls Mariah 'The elusive chanteuse' to her face, you can bet it was because Mariah went on a diva tirade and was like 'DAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ling, puh-lease. One is not Mariah. I am 'The elusive chanteuse'" *Hair flicks. Sits down in bath tub with a bath robe on*

I bet this is as much of a nickname as 'Mimi' was. This woman has more 'nicknames' than number 1 singles.

The full track list to the album has also surfaced and interestingly "Almost flopped" and "Triumphant (Flop 'em)" are nowhere to be found. Also, "The art of flopping no", a song which meant so much to Mariah and was at one point a single and the name of this album has now been relegated to deluxe edition bonus track. Let's hope the right version ends up on the album and not the un-mastered one.

  1. Cry.
  2. Faded
  3. Dedicated featuring Nas
  4. #Beautiful featuring Miguel
  5. Thirsty
  6. Make it look good
  7. You’re mine (Eternal)
  8. You don't know what to do featuring Wale
  9. Supernatural With special guest stars “Dembabies” a.k.a. Ms. Monroe & Mr. Moroccan Scott Cannon a.k.a. Roc ‘N Roe
  10. Meteorite
  11. Camouflage
  12. Money ($ * / …) featuring Fabolous
  13. One more try
  14. Heavenly (No ways tired / Can’t give up now)
  15. It's a wrap featuring Mary J. Blige | Deluxe edition
  16. Betcha gon' know featuring R. Kelly | Deluxe edition
  17. The art of letting go | Deluxe edition
  18. Me. I am Mariah...The elusive chanteuse | Deluxe edition

"Supernatural" is going to be where it's at. I'm ready to hear Mariah's daughter Mozambique hit notes better than she can and vocal run her straight under an easy bake over on wheels.

I've always liked Mariah and cop her albums. But I never really look forward to them. I just...end up with them. Mariah is so stuck in a particular way and mindset, that she's wholly unaware of how dated and samey her shit has become. Every album of hers adheres to the same template and every song she does, you can think of 1 or 5 others she did which sound exactly like it. The worst thing for her is that on the 2 occasions she tried to release songs which were 'different' for her ("Almost home" and "The art of letting go") they both bombed and then the "We belong together" knock-off "You're mine (Eternal)" comes along and it goes to number 1. I just wish Mariah was more tenacious in her risk taking. For all I don't know this album could be that musical shift I havve been wanting Mariah to make for a decade. Soon enough we'll all know what the deal is.


  1. Josh Chinnery5 May 2014 at 17:09

    So I see we're not talking about the Radio Disney Awards performance of the song where homegirl actually looks like a mouse in her Holloween-esque getup, trying to keep in time with the beat :3

  2. Do not even get me started on that performance. This girl was trying to work some sexy while looking like a 12 year old. Also, that doe eyed look she had while dancing just made me feel like a pedophile. Oh, and dem white boots... HUNNY NO.

  3. That post is coming. You know I'm not letting that shit slide.

  4. Josh Chinnery5 May 2014 at 19:48

  5. Josh Chinnery5 May 2014 at 19:55

    I was so not here for that performance, yo!! Like I took one look at her and I was like, "Bye Felisha!!". I'm not one for shaming girls who do the whole cutesy thing, but you really need to rethink your image when you're a) cussing out some nigga you just dumped and b) (attempting) to pussy pop and sell some sex. Plus, that outfit really was kind of tacky; like the bunny ears kind of killed the entire sensual aesthetic she was working in the teaser shots. And I know that she isn't much of a dancer, but DAT STRUGGLE TO KEEP ON BEAT DURING DEM DANCE BREAKS, THO!!! RiRi may not have been shady when she was giggling at her bestie trying to be sexy, but I damn sure was XD

  6. She really needs to leave nickelodeon I know her fan base is young but just leave


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