Perfume announce their 5th nationwide tour, 'Gurun gurun'. A-chan gets turnt up and refuses to turn down.

Perfume will be doing a nationwide tour of Japan. This don't mean shit to us who don't live there, but I'm seeing it as redemption after the disappointment of their LEVEL3 tour. I will defend that "Party maker" performance until I die, because it was perfect and exceeded every expectation I had of it. But their LEVEL3 dome gigs as a whole were not great. It was barely even good. So I am hoping that Perfume deliver with this new shit and make it a more retrospective affair given how LEVEL3-centric and hit barren their last tour set list was. This being a national tour with 14 shows in 7 different locations also means there is a greater chance for more fans to see it, as many Japanese members of team Prfm had meltdowns and were ready to jump on a train track after the 4th tour in dome tickets sold out faster than Nocchi loses belts and bracelets during performances.

Perfume announced their new tour via a video. If you're hung over or having a low key 'Fuck it' moment, you may want to pass on this video, because A-chan gets a bit much during the start. She should have a "Turn down for what?!" sticker sewn into the back off all of her dresses. Every damn one.

I have no idea with a 'Gurun gurun' is, but judging from A-chan's hand movement it has something to do with round and round. Or perhaps the noises they make when its time to secure those good beats from Nakata. We know these girls handle well on their knees. Never forget Kashiyuka's kneel game in the "Dream fighter" and "Glitter" routines. Never.

I am hoping that Perfume will cap this nationwide tour off with a World tour 3rd announcement. Not only do these girls need to make a return trip to London, but they need to put US fans out of their misery and hit up a State too. Pamyu Pamyu has performed has hit up various States for two of her world tours. Even BoA with her US debut flopping-ass-self did a couple of gigs there. "Polyrhythm" featured in a Disney Pixar movie. There's no excuse. NO EXCUSE.

Perfume's Gurun Gurun tour starts on August 1st and concludes on September 21st.

Also, those dresses are f**king horrific.


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