Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's third studio album 'Pikapika fantasian' to release on July 9th

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's third studio album 'Pikapika fantasian' to release on July 9th | Random J Pop

Kyary Pussy Pamyu has announced the inevitable. That she will be releasing a brand new album this year. Pussy Pam made the announcement at her ZEPP Tokyo concert, with music outlets simultaneously releasing additional info shortly after.

Pussy Pamyu's third studio album will be titled Pikapika fantasian and will release on July 9th. The album will come in 3 editions: 2 DVD and CD editions each coming with different forms of additional content and the regular CD edition which will also come with its own form of exclusive content.

Pusha P also has her own talk show Nandacolle TV which airs on Space shower TV. Episodes have already been uploaded to the official Space shower TV YouTube channel for all to watch WITH FULL SUBTITLES! Oprah best watch her shit. Kyary will throw a coloured wig on it and claim it if she's not careful. It's great to see Pussy Pam's team continue to embrace YouTube. Whilst many of us struggle to find full length videos of our fave J-acts on YouTube, Kyary has all of hers on her official channel and then some. Now if only the rest of Japan would follow suit. Namie Amuro needs to get her team to put all of her f**king videos on an official YouTube channel and shame Ayu with her channel full of 30 second clips and TV commercials.

And if a new album in the wake of her thousands of endorsements and a talk show wasn't enough, Pussy Pam has also announced that she will embark on an arena tour later this year, which kicks off on October 18th. This girl is hustling like her nanda wig collection depends on it.

All Kyar¥ needs is her own manga and anime series and she will officially own Japan.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what hot mess craziness she pulls for the album covers.

  2. Same here. It better be some crazy ass sh*t :D

  3. "M***ah in Paris"!!! LOL

  4. Its basically a more hip-hop oriented "It's Like That" or down key "Migrate" minus the auto-tune; both of which were some of the catchiest AND outright memorable singles of a storied career where she has few historical peers and virtuallynone contemporary. Like everything else Mariah's done since GLITTER, not terrible or even average but its a shame she doesn't seem able to do so much better...

  5. thats really amazing friends viaje estambul


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