Listen to... Mariah Carey featuring Wale - You don't know what to do

Mariah Carey featuring Wale - You don't know what to do | Random J Pop

I pretty much said all I had to about how I felt about this song in my post about Mariah's 'performance' of it. But my love for this song is stronger than Mariah's desire to let go of the fact she's not a size 8, so I will say it all again. "You don't know what to do" is one of Mariah's best singles since I don't even know when. Why anybody felt it more appropriate to release that "N***as in Paris" copy-and-paste-job-ass of a single instead of this disco diva realness just goes to show the type of team Mariah has managing her shit at the moment. It's a no brainer for me and most fans judging from reactions on the Internet, that this song very much should have been a single and that it should have come much, much sooner.

Throwback and Disco suits Mariah perfectly. Those who bothered to f**k with Glitter will know this.

This CD quality version of the song confirms what we all knew when Mariah performed this on Today - that she was miming like f**k for 80% of the song and was fooling nobody, trying to hit notes and shit with her mic level down so low that there was no point in even trying. But this is how Miming Mimi rolls these days. Given her dire vocal massacre of "Almost be my baby" I'm glad she decided to let the backing track do most of the work for her. Mariah's live vocal game is a complete and utter struggle, but her studio vocals on "You don't know what to do" sound great. She sounds strong, sassy and in complete control from start to finish, with none of that whispering shit and no unnecessary whistles.

Wale's raps feel unnecessary. Why Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael-Cox decided to leave his incessant rambling over Mariah's intro is beyond me. Why anybody thought Wale was needed on this track in the first place baffles me. We can always hope that a Wale-less version of this song drops at some point. I'd throw 99p at iTunes for a Mariah only version of the song without a doubt.


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