Perfume release a short lyric video for "Hold your hand"

Perfume's "Hold your hand" snuck its way into a J-drama a couple months ago and we've not heard much to do with the song since. But somebody at team Perfume finally remembered that something kinda needed to be done with it, but it's too late and the song is too boring to make a big deal out of it. Therefore, "Hold your hand" will be released digitally via iTunes, Recochoku and other Japanese music down services on May 21st. And instead of a full music video, we have a short lyric video - whereby lots of people show the palms of their hands with lyrics to the song painted onto them. What this video is actually showing is Baptism into the religion of PTA. When the lyrics of Yeezustaka Nakata are painted onto your hands, you accept entry into PTA, which grants you access to the sphere.

I want access to the sphere, but I'll be damned if I let this song be my ticket into it. I am not here for this song at all. I love the key changes on the chorus and that we finally get Perfume working some vocal layering and harmony action, but the shrill vocals kill it dead for me. On other Perfume songs I can tolerate it. But not here. Not for a second.

There is no word on if a music video will surface. Universal should save their money and Kazuaki Seki's time and just dub "Hold your hand" over the "Sweet refrain" video. Nobody will be able to tell the difference. Both songs sound the same anyway. With this lyric video being dubbed 'the short version', it's highly likely the full version will act as the music video for this song and that it will go up on Perfume's YouTube channel to coincide with the digital release of the song. Perfume's lyric video is better than what J-R&B star Crystal Kay recently pulled for her actual music video. Crayola paint and stop motion kicked her Instagram shot, lingerie wearing ass.

I wouldn't be surprised if Universal swept this song under a rug with the quickness and saved a fully fledged physical release single until September when the girls are wrapping up their Gurun gurun nationwide tour. We could always pray that by some stroke, we get a single by August in time for when the girls start the tour, but I don't want to get hopes up. My fragile hopes. 


  1. They need to take the rapper off this song
    He ruins the mood

  2. "which grants you access to the sphere."

    LOL. I died at that line. I love you J, I love you so much.

  3. Am I the only one who absolutely hated this video? I thought it was lazy as hell, which is awful because it probably killed the video editor to get all those people in the shot. The song is kind of growing on me but I think Random J is spot on.


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