Perfume's Future pop tour set to hit the states, whilst Europe gets shitted on...again

Perfume's Future pop tour shits on Europe. But good for ya'll in the US tho! FFS. | Random J Pop

Perfume have announced that their Future Pop tour will be headed to the United States, just as their Cosmic explorer tour had. But it seems Brexit is in immediate effect at Perfume HQ, because that shit ain't coming to neither the UK or Europe.

I am very pressed about this. When Perfume brought World tour 2nd and 3rd to the UK, that shit sold well. I don't want to sit here and say that it sold out, because I honestly don't know for sure if it did. But I attended both gigs and both venues were PACKED THE FUCK OUT.

I would love to know Perfume's reasoning for not extending their tours to Europe and the UK, when they know, based on previous ventures, that they have a large enough fan base over here to warrant doing so. These bitches really flew Kashiyuka over to the UK for their little Future experiment foolishness and then dissed us by not bringing the Future pop tour here?!

Steam pressed.

The US is the biggest music market in the world and is always seen as the holy grail. But even so, to go the route of just doing dates in the US and turning their back on Europe is strange. Especially when the UK and European music market is so much more open and accepting than the US. Not to mention that there's a great deal of music that the US pulls from this side of the pond. It would be worthwhile for them to make more of an effort in Europe, but I guess that's not gonna happen and won't be a focus for them any time soon.

Babymetal know what's up though, having already done more gigs in Europe than Perfume and even playing a stadium.