Perfume's future experiment i.e Display x Story featuring Tokyo girl

Perfume x NTT DoCoMo: Future experiment | Random J Pop

As was to be expected, Perfume's Future experiment was pretty much "Story" in that it was the girls dancing to a mostly instrumental dance track which was broadcast live with a myriad of real time post production looking ass visual effects. The twist however was that the girls were not all present together, but in 3 completely different locations across 3 different time zones, which of course saw a-chan keep her dusty ass in Tokyo, whilst Nocchi drew the short straw of being in New York and having to dance at 7 in the damn morning.

NTT DoCoMo's involvement was no doubt to showcase that their telecommunications are robust enough to have 3 simultaneous live streams across 3 locations which are geographically far apart and for this to not only be broadcast out live, but for the broadcast to be visually manipulated in a way which relies on all 3 live streams being completely synced. Because of course, this is the shit that will make a bitch switch over from SoftBank.

As is the case with any cutting edge Perfume performance, there's a lot going on here technically that we don't see and don't even consider, because we're caught up in the spectacle.

It's fitting that the song that the girls were dancing to was called "Fusion", as the performance was literally a fusion of "Display" from a visual perspective, their SXSW performance of "Story" from a technical one and "Tokyo girl" because of the pyramids and triangles.

It's amazing how despite them not physically dancing together, they still some-what were. Perfume's awareness of space in relation to each other still amazes me; more so here because they didn't have each other to use as guides and references for positioning or timing. Yet they still danced the routine as though they were still together. Which was of course, the whole point.

But as technically amazing as this was, it didn't move the needle much for me or leave me bald, speechless and choking the same way that "Edge", "Party maker" or "Story" did the first time I saw them. This shit was cool, but it's not something I'd watch again. The song got boring really quickly, after the initial Stranger things vibes in its intro, which also happened to get the best part of the choreography. But then it just got old fast. I'd be very okay if Perfume's next album didn't feature this song. In fact, I don't think it should. But it probably will.

I'm not even gonna get into the dresses.

Okay, so I'mma get into the dresses. They look fucking awful. I knew they would. But I hate that the promo shots for this shit featured such nice high fashion-esque looks. And then they step out into some pyramid wearing unflattering origami nonsense.

There's a high likelihood that Perfume will work this performance into their next tour and I genuinely believe that when they do, it will wow me in a way that this version didn't, because their team will do the most to elevate it visually in a live, physical setting.

I can't believe Kashiyuka was in a part of London that I'm in frequently and that I didn't see a bitch.