Album arts + tracklisting: Jasmine - Welcome to Jas Vegas

Jasmine - Welcome to Jas Vegas | Random J Pop

Jasmine will be releasing her first concept album on March 12th. Given how rushed this release is, how awful the album covers are and how budget the music video for her single "Countdown" was - I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last studio album we got from Jasmine before Sony put out a Best album and drop her.

  1. Welcome to Jas Vegas ~Opening~
  2. Where U @
  3. Handz up!
  4. #Agaru
  5. R!de on
  6. Dearest
  7. Panic ~Interlude~
  8. Hikaru
  9. Hallelujah
  10. High flying (T.O.M remix for Jas Vegas)

Everything about this album looks a mess. That tracklisting looks like a Twitter search result and the album cover looks like a PlayStation box art cover from 1994. For Jasmine to even charge people for this is a mess. This shit should be uploaded to Soundcloud for free streaming, not put out as ¥2,700 domestic release. Gurl, bye. At this rate Jasmine will have to sell her wigs on eBay to make ends meet, because she won't be making any money from album sales.


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