Mariah Carey debuts brand new song "You don't know what to do" and restores faith to the children

Miming Mimi's "Thirsty" has barely been on the scene 10 minutes, but already Mariah has debuted another brand new single from her album Me. I am delusional - aptly titled "You don't know what to do", as it's becoming ever more apparent that nobody in Mariah's camp knows how the hell to market this new album and what to do with the singles.

The one good thing to take out of the reveal of this new song is really good. REALLY good. If anybody in Mariah's team had a clue between them, they would have released "You don't know what to do" as a single instead of "Thirsty". I've been spinning this constantly for hours.

Miming Mimi's live performance wasn't that bad, mainly because she mimed most of the song. I would not pay any money to see Mariah perform, because she's awful live these days. However, I would have paid to see this particular performance, just to see how Mariah came down off of that piano. Mariah must have slapped the editing crew with a clause that stated they can't film that shit, because Mariah magically appeared on the podium in the centre of the stage straight from the piano.

I'm wondering if Mariah is pregnant again, because she looks thick everywhere. Absolutely nothing like that skinny Gisele B√ľndchen looking woman she's trying to pass off as herself on her album cover.

"You don't know what to do" would have made a perfect single. Right for the soundscape of radio today with the abundance of disco inflected songs being thrown at the charts these days and a nice throwback to the live instrumented sounds of songs such as "Circles" and "Fly like a bird" from The emancipation of Mimi and "I'm that chick" from E=MC². Mariah's 'live performances' of songs never do them justice. So I'm on stand by for the album version to leak. Given the way these new songs are dropping out of nowhere and her album release being just around the corner, I would not be surprised if it surfaced online soon. A version without Wale would be really, really nice.


  1. ARE YOU FXXKING KIDDING ME!? HOW THE HELL DOES THIS NOW BECOME A SINGLE!!? This is such a correct title for Mariah's team with her single treatment… This is like "Heartbreaker 2.0"! This betta get promotion; it needs spins like now! I need to hear this on my radio station tonight!!!

  2. What is that straining sound at 1:13? Is that what she was really singing - or trying to sing - over the backing track? Geeeez

  3. Just watched it. *DEAD*

    I was annihilated and done at that 5 'o' clock shadow under her arm pits. DONE.

    No video could be cheaper. No story. No line.

    Then they throw the only bit of actual editing this video has at the end as she walks out the door, after an entire video of freeze frame. How da h311?

    The rap. Betch slayed HERSELF. She mop waxed the floor and proceeded to drag her own self across it. Went to the barber shop, requested the number 5 and walked out with a bald fade scalped clean.

    Who saw this and said, "YES"?
    Who saw this and said, "YAAAS BETCH SAY THAT!"?

    Career Destroyed.

    I thumbed this video down so fast, the rest of my fingers got whiplash.

    And did she spend the entire video in the same outfit only to get a new one at the end to walk out the door in? That's your climax? That's what you save for the end?

    Betch gots no arsenal in her pockets. No tricks up her sleeve. And no chance in ANY h311 of making it anywhere.

    What world has she ruled? Not mine. Not yours. And as soon as she gets sent back to Japan she's gonna be back in supermarkets and malls performing, not ruling them either.

  4. goodazzz gal JA20 May 2014 at 07:06

    Why is she droppin all this wack nonsense? She play too much. :/

  5. starlightshimmers28 May 2014 at 15:07

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  6. Callie Jocelyne2 June 2014 at 09:21

    Why is everyone being so unnecessarily hard on Kuri?

    DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND: I am NOT by any means saying this song is on some next level shit. I would be more than happy for Miss Kuri to Rule My World back from back in the C.L.L, Call Me Miss, Crystal Style days and put some of them low rise jeans and midrift tops from back then over dem bra and panties. Hell, I'd love for her to lace them green smoothies she post on InstaGram with some ritalin, crack, and the ashes of Divas passed if it meant she could give some life to her new tracks and stop playing Gossip Girl in NYC with her Kickstarter money.

    I want all this, but at the same time, I'm not trying to completely eclipse the bitch and not give her credit for what I can tell she's trying to do musically. I see what she's TRYING to do. I totally felt like this had a (whack) low budget, college student rendition of "Drunk in Love". I can tell she's trying to do her own spin on the whole "Singer turned rapper" gimmick without the help of a Verbal or Jay-Z endorsement...but it just didn't work.

    "What We Do" kind of worked, but I know she was trying to get a cute/sexy/cool rap vibe from tracks like "Bye My Darling", "REEWIND/I LIKE IT", or them cute lil rap riffs from "Teenage Universe ~Chewing Gum Baby~". Like, I SEE what she was TRYING to get at, so I cant completely hate this track because I know that if she gets a lil support she'll keep going in this direction. Plus, I'd rather her work on this style than continue with that Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" x Katy Perry "Hot N Cold" sounding rip off that is "Busy Doing Nothing".

    But I will say this. I DO NOT co sign on that video. Looked like the a project for a college's sophomore's Film Making 101 assignment. Editor learned Final Cut from a Wikia website the night before it was uploaded to youtube. Love interest had no chemistry because that is ACTUALLY Kuri's chauffeur from JFK airport. Baptiste said "Let LIFE be the story line". CK then does symbolic MV based on her music sales, promising start, confusion and ups and downs that ultimately lead nowhere.

    Basically, give her some credit for the track. Shade her for the MV.


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