Music video: Skrillex with Diplo, CL & G-Dragon - Dirty vibe

Nothing that G-Dragon and CL have done over the past couple of years has shown a great deal of variation from their standard modus operandi and have gotten little to no interest out of me. But if I were a US producer in search of a couple of South Korean's with swag, then G-Dragon and CL would be my picks. So it comes as no surprise that Skrillex went and did just that for his latest song "Dirty vibe".

Skrillex, Diplo, G-Dragon and CL together. You know what to expect from this song and video before you even press play.

"Dirty vibe" is a non-song. Skrillex is cashing in on what's left of the Hallyu wave and G-Dragon and CL just took this as a chance to exercise a bunch of lyrics that they'd never be able to spit on a Big Bang or a 2NE1 record. G-Dragon throws up his middle finger and shouts 'Mutha-fucka' amidst his elementary bars which are softer than a microwaved Snickers and CL's line 'I'm your girl's lesbian crush' is a highlight. I'm sure lesbians heard that line and were like...

CL long had us question why she bothers continuing to carry the dead weights that are Dara and Bom in 2NE1, when she could go solo, or break-off and form a bombastic duo with Minzy (Note to YG: You need to entertain this for more than just that one shitty song you made them do that time).


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